Life on Pine Ridge. A treatment for a documentary about the nurses who live and work on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where 97% of the population live far below the poverty level and the average life expectancy is 47 for men and 52 for women.
Rebranding Project for Type Investigations, formerly known a The Investigative Fund
A project featuring Barnard College President Sian Beilock’s research about bedtime math.


Tilt Shift Media Founder Rayner Ramirez was a Producer on this Dupont-Award-winning documentary about the 1992 LA Riots Directed by John Ridley.
Sharkland, a short documentary featuring marine biologist Sylvia Earle,
actor Adrian Grenier and Shark expert Ocean Ramsey for Fusion TV.
Kids in Tobacco: An investigative story uncovering underage children
working in America’s tobacco fields for Fusion TV.