Tilt Shift Media creates documentary films and digital content from a unique point of view. In photography a tilt shift of the lens changes the plane of focus to hone in on an image in the frame. In astronomy, a tilt shift refers to the earth’s changing polar axis.

At Tilt Shift Media, we believe that storytelling can change perspectives, convey revolutionary ideas and spark action. 

Amber Payne is an award-winning journalist and storyteller with a track record for creating bold content that drives conversation. Amber is a 2021 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. She was Executive Producer of BET Digital, overseeing editorial video. Previously, Amber served as EP of Teen Vogue and them. Amber founded NBCBLK, a vertical created to elevate the conversation around Black identity. Prior to this, she was a producer at NBC Nightly News, working on breaking news and features.

Rayner Ramirez is the Founder and Executive Director of Tilt Shift Media. Rayner is an award-winning producer who uses cinematic storytelling techniques to spotlight issues and stories that affect marginalized communities. An investigative reporter at heart, he infuses data and information into visually compelling narrative stories. He is just as comfortable leading a team as he is shooting and directing out in the field. He’s the recipient of several Emmy Awards including one for Video Production and another for the Craft of Writing and Dupont Awards for coverage of Hurricane Katrina and for the 2018 Film Let it Fall

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